Thursday, 26 April 2018

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Firstly posters of voters begin postpaid campaign

Nearly ten million families across the country are affected by chit funds and related companies. Efforts are not made to get
back their dues. After the formation of the NDA government, the powers of SEBI increased. 5.85 crore investors, one crore staff and agent wasted. No money has been found so far. All India Safety Organizations will go to the victims of this situation. PrasitRaj, the national president of the organization, on Tuesday, Yadav Yadav in the Youth Hostel in Sanjay, across the state. After meeting with the office-bearers, the first post-payment post-campaign campaign started in the post-election campaign.

Investors said that PACL alone affected five lakh people of Agra. Their 800 crore rupees have been stuck. If other companies are also added then the victims
The number will reach eight lakh The level of money can be 1200 million

PACL investor and agent etc. are included.

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  1. when will you give refund amount.

  2. we cannot ask anybody for settlement except SEBI. If SEBI could not ? what can we do? The PACL company have not cheated the government and public. They had not flown away to foreighn countries like Vijay Mallaiyah ,Neerav Modi etc., They had more properties than they have to give to public. If the SEBI let them to give the money to the public now in 4 yeara , they settled it definitely. But SEBI for their pride , what they have done is very very sad yo public. whether the SEBI will change their attitude in the matter of PACL ?