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Pacl Refund Status 2018 | Pacl Latest News 2018

Pacl Refund Status 2018

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Legislator Patidar wrote to Justice Lodha Committee: -

MLA Murlidhar Patidar has written a letter to the Justice Lodha Committee asking for immediate
action in the forgery of farmers.

The PACL Company is accused of fraudulent farming of the farmers of the area.

Regional legislator Patidar raised the question in the assembly and highlighted the matter. Since then, in the case of continuous governance and governance level exercises are going on. MLA Patidar went to Delhi in March 2018 and returned to Delhi. The Justice Lodha Committee was discussed in the office and the letter was written on which the Lodha Committee sought detailed information and report from the legislator Patidar.

On the request of the MLA, the collector has done extensive testing and submitted his report and the verified list of affected farmers to the Lodha Committee. In this, the collector has also recommended to investigate the fraudulent and investigate the case with a competent agency. The legislator has written a letter to the letter of the collector asking him to take immediate action. And the money stuck in the company should be returned as soon as possible, why the investor is very busy.

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