Saturday, 12 May 2018

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The Honorable Supreme Court has now authorized PACL ( pearls india limited ) and Lodha Committee to return the money to the
investors, as the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in PACL's directors had requested that we should not be loyal to the Lodha committee. Leaders will lead the money back, and also by giving an affidavit, also said that our liability is not above 20,000 crore if we have, we will pay and honorable Supreme Accepted his affidavit in the court and now has nothing to do with SEBI in this matter.

 In Patients, Supreme Court, PACL has asked for some time to return the amount. It has become clear in the Supreme Court that now the PACL will return the amount of the investors and like the Sahara, the RM Lodha Committee will start the process of returning the amount of investors on this deadline! PACL's directors and PACL's subsidiaries will soon settle this amount soon! Thank you 

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  1. when will the process start to return the money ?

  2. No official announcement yet ?

  3. Whether SC insist any deadline date for refund to investors?

  4. This is not completed information for INvestors. We were waiting since last 3 years.

  5. We were waiting last 3 years. When we expect this money.. have any idea....

  6. we are waiting from last 4 years for the refund, when will we get the refund?

  7. we are waiting lost four years for the refund but so for no body has given exact information about this so kindly inform us when we will get refund plz reply