Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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PACL Latest News 2018 | Pearls India Limited Notice 2018 | Oack Refund Latest News 2018

Hello all my dear peers, my colleagues had one thing in my mind for a long time, there was a bank in Kanpur, the office bearers who belonged to them belonged to their family, which was closed by the Reserve Bank and the allegation was that the same family There are problems in the investigation due to being the office-bearer.
 Some were only named. For 4 years we have been fighting our rights through All
Investor Safety Organization. Many times one thing came to light that I have a shortage of people working, I want to ask one thing today that all the executive workers of the All Investor are operated from Agra, the National General Secretary is also from Agra, just 40 kilometers from Ferozabad, Agra. Farojabad is in this struggle always ahead of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh, Bhai Dilip Kumar, who is struggling with heart-money, since the Chhatar The movement of Kur's movement in Delhi has been a movement in Delhi.

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 The movement of doctors like Naveen Vidyarthi and Amit Garg have always continued to cooperate with their sincerity. One thing has to say, is there ever saying that Bhai Dilip Kumar, who is a disabled, never Or was it given place in the state executive? On the stage of Delhi, the person was placed on the side of the person who comes along with the help of always coming forward. Anyone who has always been loyal to the organization, going against the people, whoever is the office-bearer of Agra, whenever he thought, whenever he went to the Supreme Court, never took any one fellow with him from Ferozabad, did any fellow ever in Delhi? With him he had a chance to stay in the hotel or with himself, the comrades and other districts are very far from Agra, Kanpur ho Lucknow ho Unnao, 

but so close If so many collaborative districts, who always kept playing their role in the organization, then how can we assume that there are no people who work, but when people are not taken together they will not be given an opportunity. Then there will be pain, Always cooperate in the organization at all, but is the organization ever given importance to him, or has he ever taken him along with Delhi? That is when the people who work We will not give them a chance to come forward, we will not give them importance, how people will go ahead or work, or we just give importance to them, who just adds yes to yes I am not against any organization but today I I say that I have cooperated with the truth in this fight and will be with the truth even further. Today, Mahendra Pal, brother Amit Garg,

Parles are fighting with investors for hard work, so today I am with them and I hope that all the partners of the country who are really troubled and want to take their rights, do not stop their eyes and wake their conscience and become self-aware. Become aware and also make others aware. This responsibility can not be of any individual or an organization. This fight is for all Indians, because of the Perls investor. Do not be misguided with honesty fought with thanks, Vikas Tripathi Kanpur, always with the truth, the only flag, the same slogan, the Indian government, the money should be returned to ours, Mahandal Pal ji, we are with you.

No one should feel bad about this but forcing them to think so
Indian Investor Security Forum, Uttar Pradesh