Saturday, 6 October 2018

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PACL Refund Latest News 2018 In Hindi | PACL Latest News 2018 | Sebi Vs Pacl 2018

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PACL Company Agents sought protection
New Delhi :- Dozens of agents of PACLL company have invested money for demanding remand, strongly sloganeering and displaying a memorandum to the deputy collector. He accused the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, Government of Delhi not to care for orders, and demanded protection.

PACL Refund Latest News 2018 In Hindi | PACL Latest News 2018 | Sebi Vs Pacl 2018

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Aggregating agents of PACL company gathered on SDM Office premises on Friday. Later, he said that SDI, giving a memorandum to Suresh Kumar Mouryaya in protest and showing. In which the Supreme Court ordered the order to be followed and provided security to the agents associated with the company. He said that people investing in the company demand to refund money. In the event of non-payment of money, the investors are also mentally and physically abused agents after the order of the Supreme Court. They demanded the investors not taking action for the agents on the basis of Tahrir being given in the police station. In giving the memorandum, including the guardian, Ram, along with the religion, Arvid Vishwakarma, Brajesh Kumar, Meghraj, along with Hatram, along with Chandrapal, Virendra Kumar, Munish Kumar, Raghuvir, including Sompal, Mahesh Kumar. A large number of company agents are included.


  1. Dear pscl team
    My son give me return please share

  2. My wife invested PACL Rs 11300 pa/- for 6 years payment equal to 62500 till now no refund

  3. tamilnadu at hit hard to were pacl refund status on the expired date redeem customers lamant ideal agent fetch it pacl matter slipper throw and broom strike and push the hand for slaps please do instant want relief pacl matter rescue interfere sebi tamilnadu at accordingly give to refund first of all receive documents public insist cheque for acknowledgement viable pacl refund loss money. please please sophistication all agents sebi willbe take mercy.

  4. We have paid 12,500 for 5 years . It's been 2 years since our instalments got over but the money has not refunded.

  5. i invested 62500 for 6 years. its's been 2 year since my intallment got over but my money has not refunded