Thursday, 4 October 2018

Pearls India Limited Dharna Date Final - Delhi Jantar Mantar Dharna Started 2018

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Hello to all the colleagues only for the companions of Uttar Pradesh, as everyone is known, the Indian Investor Security
Forum has been working continuously for 5 months and this fight is fighting in the face of Mahendralal's leadership, so preparing for a very historic decision ahead. Going if the government did not accept our demands, for which a big gathering will be held in Jantar Mantar, Delhi on 25th November, so whoever in Uttar Pradesh The districts have joined us or want to join. With his 5 colleagues from his district, on October 14, at 10 am, try to attend Lakhanu Modern Hospital, Lala Bagh, in which the state executive board executive and district executive worker will be formed in that meeting by dividing the state into 4 parts. The state president will be elected, if you are the leader coming forward and want to fight by taking responsibility then you are welcome to take any ranks, if you do Which sincerity, responsibility, must work from, these battles are respected by everyone. Those who have been made the District President come with their executive, thanks to wife's illness due to the illness of 26 October, in Halatal Hospital Kanpur, I will try my best to get the rest of the time, we will all get together this fight without pretending Uttar Pradesh Charge

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Vikas Tripathi Okanpur, Amit Garg, National Incharge Incharge, and Spokesperson National Vice President Ramdev Gautam G (Mathura) National Secretary General, Ravishankar Gautam (Moradabad), National Co-Treasurer Yash Pal G, (Tundla), National Spokesperson, Ranu Nigam (Agra) Will be present,