Thursday, 11 April 2019

Pacl Refund News 2019 Online And Pacl Registration Online

Pacl Refund News 2019 Online And Pacl Registration Online

PACL Money Refund Ke Apply Kaise Kare

PACL से पैसा वापस लेने के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें

PACL निवेशक अपना पैसा Online Apply कर के कैसे ले

Pearls (PACL) के Refund के लिए ऐसे करे Online आवेदन

Your money is trapped inside the PACL and if you want to know how to apply for withdrawal from PACL, then read this post from beginning to end. In this post, you will get full information as to how to apply for withdrawal from PACL and which documents you will be required to apply. The last date for application to withdraw money from PACL is 30 April 2019, if you want to withdraw money from PACL then apply before April 30, 2019.

Which documents will be needed to withdraw money from PACL

  • PACL Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Passport size photo (Passport size photo should have been pulled recently)
  • Cancel Check (Click here to see an example of cancellation check)
  • Banker Certificate (Click Here to Download Banker Certificate)
  • PACL receipts
Pacl Refund News 2019 Online And Pacl Registration Online

Note: You should have photocopies of all the above documents.

  • Important Update For PACL Online Refund

What is happening is that all the pacl partners have forgotten their pain, Will not discuss their sufferings and pacl investors in all these elections. Friends, first of all, we say to all of you, we do not want to sit silent, because our pain has not diminished, just like the Modi Government has opened its website for pacl investors through SEBI, 40 Percent of the investor also has his own document deposits You will not be able to get accumulated even if they get the money, even if you get the money, then you will not know how much the investor such people are, even when they will not know. Nne has also submitted its bonds and not knowing how many such deaths with investors.

Friends, now we say to all the soldiers of pacl, do not keep your arms right now. Friends, we have to think now that what we will do is to stop Modi from coming to the government first because if Modi comes to power again, in the time of Modi ji no investor of those companies will do nothing. Those whose companies had been shut down by calling Modi chit fund Friends, all of us have to make a resolution to get Modiji out of power Whichever government will come in place of Modi ji, the flown will not be like Modi. Friends, this is now the best chance to unite and show your strength.Send this message to all groups of pacl

It has sent a news so that you understand that there is no benefit from voting for Modi ji. If you do not have our work, you do not get the money, then no party has to vote and just choose the noa option so that one The survey report is going on that if these people choose to have number of millions in the number of millions, why would they oppose the noata option, then this survey report will be examined that 60 million If you vote on the Stummer Nota option, then on the basis of the survey report it will be mentioned that six crore subscribers in PACL India Limited have voted for the noota option. If it becomes reality, then no government in India will be able to make it.

 I hope that you support people on the noota option and explain to your entire family and your investor the whole thing, just do not vote for any party Just vote on the noota option so that our work can be made as soon as possible. Once again tell you Rajasthan BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh 3 states. Kumar's investors and agents and his family, these people did not oppose the noota option or Congress or independents If the option was chosen, then see the governments there are supporting us because a survey report was made in which all the parties had studied it. It has been yesterday that these people want money back in PACL Ltd, then the government's orders have been given as soon as possible and free application of free application will be done in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh from April 1.

 That this formula should be done in the Lok Sabha elections so that our work will be done by the government, our work will be done as soon as possible. It is my belief and this belief is in our work. If you are transformed then hope for you to join this mission in this mission.